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“It’s all a matter of perspective…

…learn to choose it!”

Changing the way we view situations can help us to be flexible in our approach and thinking.

Maybe we thought we were living one story, when if we look at it a little different, we can reframe everything – all our memories and attributes and experiences – and see that we’re actually living a different story.

We will be looking into different situations to understand how we evaluate them, create our perspectives or see the perspectives of others.

We will also look at strategies we can use to change it if it doesn’t suit our purpose. Acknowledging and thinking about different perspectives is an important part in business to understand our clients’ needs or our teams’ actions. Think of organizations that had visions. Remember the first car built by Karl Benz in 1886.  Who would have thought that there is a different way other than horse carriages to get from A to B?  If we would have kept stuck in our perspective that horse carriages are our only means of transportation we would have never ended up with todays alternatives.

Broadening our perspectives means to broaden our mindset of what is possible.

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Insights from “It’s all a matter of perspective”

Define and experience perspectives

Who is your sparring partner when challenging your perspective?

Work perspectives

What are the roles and objectives of the others?

Change perspectives

Download your pocket guide and a template to change your perspective free of charge.

Tool Change perspectives

Frame your perspectives differently

Download your template to frame your perspectives differently, free of charge.

Frame perspectives differently

Special thanks to Briar Prestidge, CEO of marketing agency Briar Prestidge and the founder of the Deals in High Heels community, corporate lifestyle blogger, digital brand strategist and talk show host. Briar hosted the event and organized all necessary workshop arrangements, as well as the video recording. Thank you very much for sharing the video Briar!

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